Taking over the world!

Hell yeah, a week after launch it’s time to see what my app has done already!

I’ve promoted my app using Facebook, Twitter and sending an email to my colleagues. Nothing special, no big marketing yet (mark the word ‘yet’).

So, no marketing. Alright, so you would possibly have around 200 – 300 users with a peak in the beginning. Most of these users are colleagues and Facebook friends from the Netherlands, right?
Oké, some friends from Spain, UK and maybe Belarusian. Now let’s take a look at the geo map from Google Analytics:

geo map analytics 02-05-15

Yes! Taking over the world! I never knew I had that many friends all over the world. Ok, maybe this is nothing special. The app can be found inside the app store, so obvious it’s nothing special to have that many different countries playing your game. But diving deeper shows something really cool!

Average session time

Diving into the average session time, shows an average of 06:15 overall. That’s not bad, especially thinking about the fact that this is an average! But the thing which I was really happy about is the fact the game is found by some americans. Most of the sessions are taking place in America, with an average session time of 00:08:40. But the greatest thing is that some of these americans have an average of 47 minutes! Good lord, they’re addicted!

Time for an overview:Session times 02-05

This overview is showing 72 sessions with an average of 01:33:26. That means, some people are playing the game for a very long time!
There’s also something wrong, showing the most sessions are on an average of just 1 second.. hmm, hopefully it has something to do with my analytics implementation.

All good, I’m very happy with these results after one week without marketing. Hopefully this is just the beginning of more to come!




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