Pop the Dots launch day!

March 2014, I’ve started developing my own game. Finally! As I was already busy developing apps for my job, I never had the time to develop my own application.

Developing your own app is nice, however, it’s hard to find yourself a good idea to create an app for. You want to have something to create features for, to improve during the year. An app which makes people happy and brings you further around the world with many people using it.

For me, that idea was Poppero, or Pop the Dots as I finally called it. The idea is simple, the final result as well (in my opinion). Drop one dot, let it grow and pop all the other dots around it.

December 2014 I started using TestFlight, getting my first test users. Many, many feedback and a lot of happy users resulted in an overload of ideas and improvements. I noted everything, but focused me only on creating a base for a good game. I didn’t want to implement to much features at once, but just wanted a simple game with levels and achievements to start with. This is just the beginning, but I wanted to make sure this beginning was good. The levels should be simple at first, but harder the further you get. And off course, the most important part, all the levels should be finishable. These many test users helped me achieving this!

Waiting for reviewIn review









April 11th, milestone reached, I’ve uploaded the application and it was Waiting for review. Two weeks later on 23th of April it was In review and later that day approved! The marketing plans were running, installs are growing.

I’ll use this blog to post about new updates, features and statistics about usages. Hopefully finding you guys reading this and subscribing to make sure you wont miss anything about Pop the Dots!




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